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View Online Game Car Eats Car Pics. In this fun shooting game, you have a big map of destinations to go. No matter whether you love driving virtual sports cars or performing simulated medical procedures, you'll find a game devoted to lots of exciting activities.

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Car eats car is a series of free car action games where you play as a small toy car chased by a gang of evil ones. Next, you'll see the level selection screen. Your favorite online race is now available in the multiplayer!

Up = accelerate down = brake & reverse left/right = balance space = jump x = turbo make it through each course, scoring bonus points for collecting stars and performing cool tricks.

Click to play these games online for free, enjoy! To start the game, click on the screen. Only the first level is available in the beginning, but you can unlock the rest as you play. Become evil cars and successfully escape the chase by performing awesome stunts and destroying the police cars!