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43+ Battleship Game 1 Player
. Battleship — online game for 2 players. If you like this game, please write a review in the chrome web store (it takes less than one minute).

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This game has received 12 votes, 8 positive ones and 4 negative ones and has an average score of 3.9. Play battleship game online for free on mobiles and tablets. Arrange ships, wait for opponent and start playing.

You and the computer first arrange ships in an area, and then will take turn to bomb each other's ships.

The battleship is an exciting strategy game that needs your intelligence, can you be a good leader and help your army win this war? Battleship is a classic two player game where players try to sink their opponent's navy ships. The game itself appears to predate at least world war i, but it's unknown just how far back people have been playing many different variations. Battleship belongs to board and it is often associated with battle games.